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The purpose of this page is to make available information about participating in a regional science fair and about the South Fraser Regional Science Fair in particular.

For Students

This first link takes you to the Science Fair Foundation of BC Resources for Students. There are many links available on this page. Two of them are of particular importance. If you click on Guide to Completing your Science Fair Project, you will find a 15-page guide written by Churmy Fan and Clara Westwell-Roper. The section of this webpage from the Science Fair Foundation of BC also has information to the Science Fair Alumni Mentorship Program. Many of the most successful science fair participants benefit from some degree of mentorship. When it comes time to write your project report and you have determined if your project is a Study, Innovation, or Experiment, you can tailor your report using guidelines and examples  from Writing The Research Report.

The next link takes you to Your Ultimate Canadian Science Fair Resource which is a comprehensive collection of good advice provided by Youth Science Canada.

In planning your project, this final link is of importance so that you are aware of Safety and Ethical considerations from the start. A closely related item is the Safety Check List which your project will have to pass to be acceptable for the South Fraser Regional Science Fair.


For Teachers

The following link is to the Science Fair Foundation of BC Resources for Teachers. This page provides valuable information that will help you help your students complete a successful science fair project. Keep in mind that the South Fraser Regional Science Fair does have rules around Participant and School Eligibility

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